Easy Seafood Appetizers

Favorite seafood recipes for hors d'oeuvres!

These easy seafood appetizers include our favorite recipes such as hot crab dip, shrimp pizza, and many more.

Seafood appetizers are perfect for parties and other special occasions, but they also make healthy snacks or the basis of a quick lunch.  As a bonus, you can make most of these easy recipes ahead of time. 


Photo - Bruschetta with smoked salmonBruschetta with Smoked Salmon

Give your creativity free rein as you assemble these smoked salmon bruschetta, one of the easiest appetizers of all and always a big hit at parties.   




Photo - shrimp scampi recipePineapple Shrimp Pizza Recipe

Cut this easy shrimp pizza into small squares, and it will be the most popular appetizer at every party you give.  Assemble ahead of time, and bake right before serving.


Photo - salmon dipFestive Salmon Dip Appetizer with Dill

Use canned salmon to make this yummy appetizer dip recipe in just minutes in your food processer.  Spread on cracker

s with capers and chopped onion, it's totally delicious. 


Photo - clam frittersAnchovy Pizza (Pissaladière)

Cut this delicious anchovy, olive, and onion pizza, known as pissaladière in France where it's a bistro favorite, into small squares for a savory seafood appetizer.

Photo - Bacon Wrapped Shrimp RecipeCajun Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Recipe

This bacon-wrapped shrimp recipe is one of our favorite seafood appetizers because it's so easy to make - and so delicious.  Cajun spices provide a perfect balance to the sweet juicy shrimp. 


Baked Crab Dip

One of our very favorite seafood appetizers, this hot crab dip works well for parties.  We always make it on Christmas Eve - and then again for New Year's Eve.  It's perfect for parties because you can do most of the prep ahead of time.


Photo - clam frittersClam Fritters

A traditional New England shore treat, these clam-filled morsels are perfect for summer cookouts.  You can make them with fresh or canned clams.


Photo - smoked salmon spreadSmoked Salmon Spread Recipe

Fill celery, top crackers, top bagels, or use as a dip with chips or veggies.  You can prepare this savory smoked salmon spread in a food processor in less than a minute! 


Photo - Prince Edward Island musselCurried Mussel Appetizer

For a totally elegant seafood appetizer, serve these curried mussels on platters before dinner or at parties.  You'll be thrilled by how easy they are to make!


Smoked Trout Smoked Trout Spread

Another easy food processor recipe that you can make in just a few minutes.  Serve on small crackers as canapes at parties, or for a healthy after school snack or quick lunch.

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