Best Clam Recipes

How to cook clams in many delicious, easy ways

Here are our favorite quick and easy clam recipes describing how to cook clams in lots of different ways.   You'll find recipes for clam chowder, clam sauces, steamed clams, and much more.

Whether you buy fresh clams, frozen clams, or canned clams, you'll get delicious results from these recipes.  Clams are so versatile, and as you'll see, take only a few minutes to cook.

How to Clean Clams

Before cooking clams, you need to clean them to get rid of sand and grit.  The process is easy if you buy the right kind of clams.  Here's everything you need to know about cleaning clams . . .

Stuffed Clams

Stuffed clams, sometimes called stuffies, are a special treat along the New England coast.  Fun and easy to prepare, stuffed clams can be made from fresh or canned clams.

Clam Chowder Recipes

New England, Boston, Manhattan, Rhode Island, Rhode Island Red ... everyone has a favorite clam chowder.  We share our recipes for all types, so you can decide which you like best! 

Clam Fritters Recipe

Whether you call these delicious snacks clam fritters or clam cakes, you'll love our easy recipe.  Use fresh or canned clams, and serve them at your next party for a real crowd-pleaser.

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