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If you're curious about Super Seafood Recipes - who publishes it and why - here's a quick snapshot:  we're a mother-daughter cooking/publishing team who got tired of losing our favorite fish and shellfish recipes or forgetting the details that made the recipes memorable.

We'd enjoy a seafood dish at a friend's house or in a restaurant, figure out how to make it ourselves . . . and then forget or be too busy to write down the recipe.

Or we'd find a recipe in a cookbook or magazine, make a few changes, love the results . . . and not bother to note the details of what we changed.

Or a friend would ask us for a recipe . . . and of course, even if we could find it, we couldn't remember the details of what we'd changed when we made it.

So SuperSeafoodRecipes.com is the answer to these problems!  It's where we document and save our recipes, food photos, cooking tips and shortcuts.

Plus, a website about super seafood recipes provides a convenient way to share favorites with others.

Salmon Salad / www.super-seafood-recipes.com
Salmon Salad

Why seafood?

We love to cook fish and shellfish because it's delicious.  And, if you have the sier, and faster.right recipe, it's also healthy to eat, and fast and easy to make.

Or at least, it can be.

Lots of seafood recipes drown the fish or shellfish in butter and heavy cream.  The seafood in the recipe may be healthy . . . but other ingredients aren't!  You'll notice we usually use olive oil or canola oil in most of our recipes instead.

Or the recipes call for ingredients that we don't have on hand - and can't find easily at our local markets.  Or they involve cooking techniques that seem difficult and time-consuming. 

So that's why we update some seafood recipes to make them healthier, ea

We also like cooking fish and shellfish because of the variety.  If you cook chicken for dinner several nights a weeks . . . well, no matter how many different sauces or preparation methods you use, it's still chicken - and it can get really boring after awhile.

But there are lots of different kinds of fish and shellfish.  Even if you live in a land-locked part of the country, your local supermarkets will probably have a few varieties of fresh fish and shellfish shipped in once or twice a week.  The store's freezer section may have even more.  With so many varieties, it's hard to get tired of seafood!

More about Super Seafood Recipes - and us

We add to Super Seafood Recipes all the time, and it will probably always be a work in progress.  We'd also love for you to send your favorite seafood recipes  for inclusion.  Please also feel free to ask your seafood cooking questions!  We'll do our best to answer them.

Well, enough about fish - what about us?

We live in New England, in the northeastern corner of the United States.

When not cooking fish, Susan is a writer and web publisher who also likes to garden, read, and travel.

Olivia is a university student who likes to play violin and viola, write, and compete in cross-country track.

We live with our husband/dad and younger daughter/sister.  And we all enjoy eating a lot of seafood.

        Susan & Olivia  

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